Engineering Polymers

Engineering polymers are materials with superior structure–property correlations. They have exceptional mechanical properties such as strength, stiffness, creep, and dimensional stability, which are further complemented by superior thermal stability, flame retardancy, and the like. These properties enable the use of engineering polymers in specific, high-end applications in automotive and aerospace industries while being much simpler to manufacture, especially with complex shapes. These properties, in combination with the economics of thermoplastic processing has enabled engineering polymers to become substitutes for metals and alloys in a variety of applications and to be used as unique materials in electronics, thermal, medical and chemical exposure applications.


RAI is a partner of Elastron, a company who is dedicated to the continual development and production of their thermoplastic elastomers (TEP), with TPV, SEBS, SBS and TPO based series. Among the industries that these products cater to are automotive, consumer goods, construction, medical, industrial, specialist applications.


Thermoplastic elastomers and defined in the ASTM D1566 standard as ‘a group of rubber-like materials that, unlike vulcanised conventional rubber materials, can be processed and recycled like thermoplastic materials’. These products can be processed with traditional thermoplastic techniques such as injection moulding, extrusion and blow moulding. We provide natural, black and coloured thermoplastic elastomers.


Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) compounds based on SEBS (Styrene Ethylene Butylene Styrene) which shows some of rubber properties at ambient temperature. And they can be processed with various methods such as injection, extrusion or blow moulding. Additionally, Elastron G has been especially created for marketing demands and meeting customer requirements.


Elastron D is a brand name of styrene-butadiene-styrene (SBS) block copolymers that behaves like rubber properties under room temperature and has advantage of easy processing. Generally, Elastron SBS products are suitable for indoor applications because they do not resist UV and heat. These materials are especially preferred for hand tools, home appliances and mechanical parts.


RAI has partnered with Radici Group, one of the most active Italian chemicals manufacturers at an international level. Radici Group’s diversified businesses operate worldwide and are focused on: Specialty Chemicals, High Performance Polymers, Advanced Textile Solutions. Synergistic vertical integration, of polyamide production in particular, is one of RadiciGroup’s strengths. Indeed, the Group has total control over its production chain, from chemical intermediates, such as adipic acid, to polyamides 6 and 6.6, engineering polymers and synthetic yarn. Radici Group products are exported all over the world for use in the following sectors: apparel, sports, furnishings, automotive, electrical/electronics and household appliances.


These high performance specialist products are low environmental impact polyamide compounds, made primarily with secondary raw materials (PA6, PA6.6) obtained from sorted and regenerated industrial material.

Radilon D

The Radilon D products offer good dimensional stability and chemical resistance, made from prime materials.


A sustainable product, containing a varying percentage of recycled polyamide of post-industrial or post-consumer origin recovered by mechanical recycling, as well as other materials made of PA610, a polyamide partially of bio origin.


Aestus T range of polyphthalamide (PPA) polyamides. RADILON® Aestus T is a line of high performance, high-temperature resistant products developed in step with the new trends and the international standards of the automotive industry.

Torzen PA6.6

Torzen® PA 6.6 compounds, some of which are specifically designed to resist high temperatures (Torzen® Marathon), find use in the automotive, electrical/electronics, and industrial and consumer goods sectors.

Raditeck PPS

Raditeck® products are especially suited to components requiring strict dimensional tolerance, even when coming into contact with cooling fluids. They show excellent retention of mechanical properties even in moisture and are intrinsically flame retardant. Compared to polyamides, Raditeck® products have a higher specific weight and lower impact resistance.