The word polymer is derived from the greek word ‘polumeros’. ‘Polus’ means many and ‘meros’ means units. Thus, the word polymer means many units.

    Polymer is often used a synonym for plastic but many biological and inorganic molecules are also polymeric. All plastics are polymers but all polymers are not plastic.

    A polymer is a large molecule that comprises repeating structural units joined by the covalent bonds. The small molecule or repeating unit or the building block in the structure of polymer is called monomer.

    To be a monomer , the substance unit should have a functionality of at least two. Though polymerization – a chemical reaction – two or more than two molecules of one or more than one substance combine together to form a molecule of high molecular weight. During polymerization, other ingredients are added to control how the polymer is formed and to control the proper polymer length and other properties.