Over the course of half a century, RAI has evolved from a regional distributor of polymer to a seamlessly connected distributor of choice in key markets globally. With a reputation built as an industry leader, we operate in or market products in strategic countries around the world today.





    Guiding Principles

    Our Guiding Principles explains our decisions and determine how we act. They guide our interactions with one another and help us succeed as a team.


    Discover True Potential

    This is a place where creative thinking and the desire to excel create a platform for opportunity and growth. The entrepreneurial culture at RAI allows the discovery of true potential.


    Extending the Horizon

    The continued success of RAI centers around a strong leadership that encourages & employs the right skills, in the right places, to achieve strategic objectives.


    Scaling Success Together

    As a company that procures a vast range of polymers, we collaborate with competitive partners who add value for RAI and our customers by being inventive and flexible.

    Our Culture

    Backed by a culture that rewards boldness and appreciates curiosity, we strive to push boundaries of what is considered the limit. While an entrepreneurial spirit drives our journey, it’s our passion for excellence that makes sure we don’t just stand still.