Flexible Financing

    To take advantage of all the opportunities in the fast-moving plastics and polymer industry we need to engage with an open mind, the right risk-appetite, a flexible approach along with legally-compliant systems and customized payment solutions.

    With major developments in the polymer market, opportunities are arising throughout the entire value chain: from recycled or composite raw materials through the most diverse processing technologies to semi-finished products. Purchasing power, a broad portfolio, international structures and financial clout are challenges that have to be dealt with every day, amongst others.

    Risk management is at the core of our business strategy. Our financial team consists of industry experts who have the acumen to formulate innovative payment solutions for emerging markets and growth stage companies while our credit management team stays in direct contact with our partners, suppliers, customers and our core management, ensuring timely alerts and precautionary safe-guards. This is also a reason why relationships and collaborations spans decades at RAI.