Distributing Polymers
    to Shape Your World for Over 3 Decades!


    Year after year, RAI distributes a wide range of polymer products to diverse industry segments. providing the dependability that businesses need to grow. What could this mean for your business?


    Our values are brought to life by operating responsibly, ethically and with integrity. Doing what we say and doing what is right is important, wherever we operate. Results are important but how we achieve those results is something we really care about. We deliver on our commitments to our shareholders, employees, partners, customers and host communities by demonstrating these values through our actions, processes, systems and interactions with all stakeholders. Our approach to ethical conduct and regulatory compliance is no different.

    Our Story

    Distribution Expertise Developed with Leaders in the Polymer Industry

    With a reputation built as an industry leader, today we operate in or market products in strategic countries around the world.







    Polymers We Distribute Globally

    With a long-standing reputation as a competent and reliable supplier of polymers, we work with many of the world’s leading polymer manufacturers to distribute a comprehensive range of standard and compound products.

    Polyethylene – PE

    Polyethylene (PE) is a light, versatile synthetic resin made from the polymerization of ethylene.

    Polypropylene – PP

    Innovative Polypropylene (PP) that has raised the bar in Hygiene Comfort, Automotive Performance, Appliance Appeal and Packaging Design.

    Polyvinyl Chloride – PVC

    Polyvinyl-chloride (PVC) – the third most popular synthetic polymer produced in the world.

    Polyethylene Terephthalate – PET

    Resin with unique properties and dimensional stability. Ideally suited for rigid and flexible packaging applications.

    Polystyrene – PS

    Polystyrene (PS) granules are an easy to process and low cost material that comes in a variety of formulations for a wide range of applications.

    Engineering Polymers

    Polymers with great mechanical and thermal properties.

    Speciality Polymers

    Specialty polymers are used in various materials and applications with demanding requirements.

    FilLer Compounds

    Technology-driven solutions with a wide range of compounds for power, telecommunications, flame retardant and other specialty applications


    A vast range of light to dark, transparent to opaque and normal to specialty colors depending on requirements of shades, strength, applications etc.

    Sustainable Polymers

    Polymers from natural products via green chemistry.

    Sourcing & Purchasing

    Right from Identifying Your Need to Fulfilling it

    There are different ways that our determined and dynamic team can help your business.


    Quality & Compliance

    How we succeed is as important as success itself.


    Flexible Financing

    A mindset to engineer sound financial solutions.


    Logistics Optimization

    Cost-effective supply-chain solutions on a global scale.


    Technical Guidance

    Expert advice and solutions around your requirement.

    Customer Service

    The Magic is in the Chemistry

    At RAI, we understand the challenges our customers encounter on a daily basis and what they require to meet the demands of their industries.

    Our Future

    Carrying Forward Deep Industry Expertise into a New Era

    From a proven market leader into a global polymer distributor, RAI is entering an era of transformation — strengthened by our culture, a re-imagined portfolio and an enhanced level of execution.


    Asia has been a key market for RAI for many years. In this region we trade the full range of commodity resins (PE, PP, PVC, PET, PS). RAI’s team based in our Shanghai office is also in charge of sourcing in China for exports, an increasing and strategic activity for our business. Our team in Seoul is fully dedicated to sourcing resins from all the key Korean petrochemical producers.


    China china@rai-international.commail@rai-internantional.com

    KOREA skorea@rai-internantional.com


    This is where it all started. As of today, still our most relevant market. Several warehouses and distributions platforms are in place, offering a full range of commodity resins (PE, PP, PVC, PET, PS) from both regional and international suppliers. Filler compounds, masterbatches, and sustainable alternatives are also part of the portfolio.


    MIDDLE EAST – uae@rai-international.com

    INDIA SUBCONTINET – india@rai-international.com

    AFRICA – email@rai-international.com


    A large developed market with a growing need for polymer imports. RAI offers resins from multiple sources around the globe. From regional producers in Germany and the Netherlands, to competitive alternatives from the USA, Canada, Mexico and Brazil as well as from the Middle East, India, Korea, China, and Vietnam. We offer a basket of commodity resins as well as engineering and specialty resins, such as the Sabic Innovations product portfolio (ULTEM™, LNP™, NORYL™ resins, LEXAN™, EXTEM™ and SILTEM™).


    UK uk@rai-international.commail@rai-internantional.com

    BENELUX netherlands@rai-internantional.com


    RAI Americas Inc. has been established in 2022 to source polymers from a growing pull of suppliers. Producer Branded resins as well as Generic Prime PE, PP and PVC packed as RAI are offered to any destination around the world. In Latin America an active commercial team offers commodity polyolefins from our distribution hub in Houston, TX as well as from our sourcing offices in the Middle East, India, and Asia.


    NORTH AMERICA – usa@rai-international.com

    CENTRAL AMERICA & CARIBBEAN- panama@rai-international.com

    SOUTH AMERICA – brazil@rai-international.com


    Delivering Transformative Value through Fantastic Partnerships and Collaborations

    Reaching the last mile successfully takes a lot of work. It may sound simple, but it’s only possible with access to an exceptional network of suppliers and experts. This is the reason we find the right material, source it at scale and receive it and deliver on time — every time

    Brand Experience Video

    How We are Fueling Ambition

    The polymers we distribute around the world fuel modern life and make a better future possible. Watch our brand video to learn how we are harnessing our technical capabilities, passion and an innovative mindset to embrace this responsibility and also make a positive difference to people and the planet we live in.