Hints & Tips

    Find out some useful hints and tips that will surely help you get your application noticed and land a job at RAI

    Follow us in LinkedIn to get updated with things related to RAI and our industry. This will help you in your interviews with us in the future.

    To be considered for other opportunities in addition to the job you are applying for, include a summary of your core skills and competencies in your resume.

    While applying, you may save your application at any point, to complete later.

    Prepare for your visit. Knowing the right information about the organization you are applying to will help you get a good nod from our hiring managers.

    Allocate extra time and be ready with examples. They might ask you behavioural questions that will show how you have handled various situations at previous jobs.  Answers that are results-oriented and specific always are the best.

    Ask questions. There is no better way to learn more about us than from the people interviewing you.  It is in everyone’s best interest to make sure you the best candidate for the job.