Our Culture

    Our people and the way we work together are the most critical ingredient for our long-term success.

    RAI’s strategy and every aspect of our operations are built around advancing and applying high ethical standards, whether this relates to the management of our global supply chain, responsible procurement of raw materials, or the safety and wellbeing of our people. The RAI way is highly influenced by our values which are so much more than words on a screen – they’re our way of life

    Throughout our history, RAI has placed a high level of importance on performance, truth and accountability while being guided by the virtues of trust, respect and humility. As a business that remain family-owned, continuing to focus on the best interests of our customers remain paramount. We care about our talented employees, and they in turn work together and share an enthusiasm for solving complex problems with creative solutions.

    We work to unlock the potential of people, businesses and communities. We live this purpose every day. Our vision to be the most accessible & resourceful polymer distributor in the world highlights the importance we place on relationships and collaborations – translated as our brand slogan – Bonds that Shape Us. We are we are both global and accessible, bold and caring, competitive and compassionate, professional and simple.