Guiding Principles

    The RAI brand is based on the bonds we have built with our partners, customers and other stakeholders since our founding, and our desire to strengthen these bonds and reciprocate their trust endlessly. The thinking behind the brand is reflected in our services and solutions. Under this brand, we will continue to meet the needs of our stakeholders and act to fulfill our responsibilities for the good of all people and society and the future of our planet.

    Our purpose is to be the catalyst that unlocks the potential of people, businesses & communities

    Our Vision

    To be the most accessible & resourceful polymer distributor in the world

    Our Mission

    To shape a network that delivers continuous stream of creative solutions for the polymer industry globally

    Our brand compass guides our business focus, connects our people, and charters a shared direction. It sets the stage for us to continue redefining our industry and address market needs. It constantly shapes us to meet the increasing demands for higher performance and to continue delivering creative solutions that help customers select the right products, drive value for shareholders and enrich the lives of our employees.

    Our quest to be the most accessible and resourceful polymer distributor in the world ensures that we move closer to our clients, wherever they are. We are striving to make this possible everywhere in the world and in the process we are pushing our people to unlock their own potential. The gift of being able to unlock one’s own potential is also what we give back to our communities through our outreach activities.

    Our Core Values

    Care, Courage, Dedication, Performance & Simplicity

    RAI has never strayed from being a respectful, honorable, open, honest, candid and committed brand. We have grown over the years projecting an image of being confident while staying humble and have believed in under-promising yet over-delivering. As a business built on the values of one man, these values have remained at our heart and we have relentlessly adhered to these values, even in difficult times.


    We put health and safety first and demonstrate our concern for each other, our customers, and the ways our work affects their business, our community and our planet.


    We step out of our comfort zones to make the right choice, not the easy choice and embrace openness.


    We believe that only through collaboration can we be successful and see ourselves as an extended team that is always within reach for our stakeholders.


    We achieve superior business results by being proactive, taking the initiatives, stretching our capabilities and being accountable for the results of our actions because we care about the results as much as an owner of the company would.


    We focus our efforts on the things that matter most to meet expectations and deliver on our agreements.