Logistics Optimization

    Product quality, reliable supply and on-time delivery is crucial to every customer’s manufacturing operations. We are constantly optimizing our world-class expertise in global supply chain and logistics to ensure that our products are available at the hubs closest to our customer’s location and available for supply when they are needed.

    The ability to deliver material is just as important as having the material you need. Customers always try to get the best of the marketplace and product availability. Nobody likes to wait too long. The strategic locations of our worldwide hubs gives us easy access to major routes across most countries and allows us to offer a quick reliable delivery service. Our strong collaborations help us in forecasting markets in the future and advice you on the right logistics and supply-chain strategy to adopt.

    With the experience of being a renowned polymer distributor in the heart of the world’s Oil and Gas hub, most supply-chain disruptions don’t affect our RAI in the same way they may with smaller or local distributors. Being widespread, RAI is not restricted to a unique place to source the resin from. Our collaborations and relationships across the world also help us overcome any supply chain issues we might encounter.