Where We are Going

    We Have Been Adapting, Innovating and Transforming For More Than 30 Years – And Now We’re Working on What’s Tomorrow.

    The raw materials we responsibly distribute are fundamental to how the world lives now, and many will be in the future too. Naturally, we are committed to achieving sustainable development for all stakeholders and the global community. We are building on a culture in which creative thinking and innovation is deeply valued, and agility is paramount. Our people will scale the performance of our businesses to new levels by embracing sustainability and pushing the boundaries of technology in everything we do.

    We believe that polymer is a critically important material today and it will be so in the future as well for almost every industry sector. It is a fundamental material to improve people’s lives, the communities where we live and work and the planet our future generations depend upon. Sustainable polymer lies at the heart of this smarter future. Together with our values, a strong corporate culture and world class leadership, RAI will grow a focused, successful, value-creating company.

    Our future will see us dedicated to helping our customers source polymers more reliably, efficiently, safely and sustainably. It will also see us focused on delivering a world-class client experience while growing our portfolio, along with technology enabled services. Instead of waiting for tomorrow, we are acting on these today and this is how we plan to unlock the potential and service our clients in the future.